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At the „Kienschwendthof“ there live and work three generations of the Schellhorn family..

Grandma Anna she shows you how to produce our biological-products
Grandpa Johann he is farmer and landscape gardener
Karin I’m funny, but not foolish, eager to learn but not determined. I’m looking forward to hear from you!

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Max mechanics, ski teacher and excavator operator
„Junior” Dominik our  sweetheart, the young farmer, who likes to show you the ranch.
Der Kienschwendthof

Our farm was build in the 1930. Since 1990 the economic building was renewed and during the following years the farm was lovely extended by hand.

1997 the young family built there own home behind the farm. 2006/07 the upper level of the farm was renovated into two gently holiday apartments.
Downstairs there live Anna and Johann Schellhorn.

At our farm there are living cows, pigs, nanny goats, rabbits, chicken and cats.